Taking on writing again

It has been too long since I last wrote anything other than code and maybe documentation pages for projects and the time has come for that to change.

I used to enjoy laying out my thoughts, ideas and opinions in writing and sharing them with the world in the form of a blog but it didn’t stick with me. Why? The reason is that I was only rarely doing it. It didn’t catch on as a habit. Even though my free time is sparse since becoming a father I really want to take the time and write at least a couple of times every week. I want it to become a habit.

There are quite a few reasons I think make writing compelling and beneficial. Here are three I find important.

Writing helps organize my mind.

An amalgam of thoughts rush through my head every day. More often than not this leaves my mind in a state overall disorder. Writing forces me to concentrate on a single topic and as such aids in sorting out my ideas.

Writing can be relaxing.

I find that being able to pour out my soul through writing can help release tension. If you find yourself feeling weary from doing the same thing for too long try writing. It can make it easy for you to loosen up!

Writing is a learning catalyst.

Whenever I write I find myself investigating and doing a bit of research on the matter at hand. This means I learn new things and better remember what I learn. Now I’m not a professional writer but being by being consistent in writing I know I can become better over time.

I hope to keep this blog alive by making a habit out of writing—sharing valuable thoughts with readers and the future me.