Sorin Iclanzan

Husband, dad, developer, entrepreneur, designer and musician with a heart for God. Working at SongPane, I have a passion for creating and discovering things, and this is the place where I share some of my thoughts with the world.

Parsing URLs with JavaScript

Using standard Web APIs one can effortlessly obtain basic information out of a URL from inside the browser but for some more advanced features there are libraries that are much more comprehensive and generally do a better job.

Putting the OS X Dashboard to good use—Introducing Pegged

Wanting to display a bunch of different stats on the OS X Dashboard for easy access led me to create this very useful little widget that I want to share about.

Centering variable height elements both horizontally and vertically in CSS

There is a relatively clean way to center an HTML element of variable dimensions within a container using CSS and without using tables.

Taking on writing again

It has been too long since I last wrote anything other than code and maybe documentation pages for projects and the time has come for that to change.